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Modeled after the real deal. Inside and out.

The Interlocking Tower housed the mechanism (levers, rods, etc.) that controlled the signals and turnouts at crossings. Rods exited the tower and were supported by beams. These rods controlled the signals with the use of the levers located inside of the tower. When the main line did not have the right of way, the entry door would lock. Hence the operator controlling the levers inside the tower wouldn't be able to exit. The trap door in the floor and the trap door on the side of the building were added in the case that the operator had to leave the tower after the entry door locked. This is an exact reproduction of a tower in North Dakota. 

The view through the windows shows a detailed interior: etched flooring, scribed wainscoting, and interior trim for additional realism.

HO-Scale Kit includes:

  • Detailed stairs and railings
  • Etched, horizontal siding
  • Roll roofing with etched locator lines
  • Support beams for the rods that control the signals
  • Visible rafter tails
  • Trap doors and hinges
  • Pre-colored walls
  • Interior etched floor, scribed wainscoting and interior window trim
  • Dimensionally accurate windows, doors, and trim
  • Pivotal Door
  • Positionable windows
  • Vent stack detail
  • Cut-to-size acetate windows
  • NPR: No paint required, architectural board construction

Footprint: 2-1/2" x 2-3/4" x 3-5/16". 

May be used with #1293 Interlocking Levers Kit