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HO - The Cube System

Design a CUBE Modular Structure in 3 Steps:

STEP 1  Select a CORE Package     >     STEP 2  Select Faces     >     STEP 3  Select Add-Ons   

OR  Choose an existing CUBE Structure Kit


Create realistic HO backdrops and custom structures without scratch building.

Would you like to design and build your own HO Scale backdrops, factories, warehouses, small office structures and more? The CUBE System offers tons of options for designing and creating your own structures, without the effort and time required to scratch build them! You decide which of the laser cut components to use; then glue the components into the pre-cut and tabbed cubes. Multiple cubes may be joined horizontally or vertically; allowing you to build a structure as small as 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"; or as large as you want.

The CUBE Modular System structures may be used as a backdrop or free-standing units. Mix and match designs for limitless building possibilities!


The CUBE System is comprised of: CORESFACES, and ADD-ONS. Each of these pieces are available separately; allowing for many design options.  


The "CUBE" is a modular system that begins with the CORE, measuring 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/4". Cores are the basic structure of the cube. Cores may be arranged in configurations of side-by-side and/or stacked to achieve a basic core from your specific design. Each level of core construction is designed for individual room lighting or may be opened to a more spacious area by simply eliminating room dividers. 

Select a Core package >


After completion of the core arrangement, 45 styles of "FACES" may be applied to the core using alignment tabs built into each core. Faces include: walls, doors/freight doors, windows, sills, door knobs/handles. 

Select Faces >


To complete your building, 19 different add-ons are available, including: roofs, chimneys, stairs, parapets, corners, ladders, signs, truck/train freight docks, roof walkout, glass block windows, multi pane windows, and more. 

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Easy Construction:

Free Design Templates

Download these free FACE templates to help you in designing your structures.


Get started creating a CUBE Modular Structure:

STEP 1  Select a CORE Package    >    STEP 2  Select Faces    >    STEP 3  Select Add-Ons    

OR  Choose an existing CUBE Structure Kit